6 Simple Ways to Fundraise

Getting donations made easy! If you are thinking of creating your own Baytree fundraiser  but not sure where to start? Here are 6 ideas to help you start the fun.

  1. noun storage 5069400 e1679401831587 6 Simple Ways to Fundraise Organise a garage sale

Declutter your home and raise money for a good cause in one go with a garage sale.

2. noun gift 657082 e1679403002321 6 Simple Ways to FundraiseAsk for birthday donations through your social media accounts.

Social media platforms have easy ways to create an on-line fundraiser and it feels so good to know that you are helping someone on your big day!

3.  noun auction 3972944 e1679402969994 6 Simple Ways to Fundraise Online Auction

Ask for donations from local businesses or individuals, and auction off items such as gift cards or experiences! Meet new people and help others in one go!

4. noun run 2105740 e1679403262994 6 Simple Ways to FundraiseCharity Walk/Run

Organize a charity walk or run to raise money. This is a fun way to bring people together while also raising money. Here at Baytree we love a little sport challenge, join us for our running events! The current ones being: The Edinburgh Marathon and The Royal Parks Half Marathon. Get in touch via engagement@baytreecentre.org.uk

5. noun movie night 4069023 e1679403022986 6 Simple Ways to Fundraise Movie Night

Host a movie night with a donation entry fee. This can be an engaging and simple way to raise money. You can also sell snacks and drinks!

6. noun self confident 5123595 e1679403044104 6 Simple Ways to Fundraise Talent Show

Host a talent show and invite your community to show off. Charge donations for entry and think of fun prizes to the winners. It doesn’t have anything expensive, but, for example, an organised tour around your favourite local bakeries is a nice way to celebrate. This is a great way to build community!

Don’t forget to share your incredible efforts in your social media accounts! This will help the cause you are helping get more visibility and maximise your effort!

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