Changing aspirations into realities

We inspire and support women and girls to gain the skills, confidence and wisdom they need to thrive in life, work and family.

The Baytree Centre

is a social inclusion charity for women and girls, based in the heart of Brixton, south London. An integral part of the community since 1991, we provide holistic support through personal development activities and workshops, mentoring, coaching, as well as English classes and integration support for newly arrived migrants and refugees.

Why We Exist


All women and girls achieve their potential and lead fulfilled lives.


We inspire and support women and girls to gain the skills, confidence and wisdom they need to thrive in life, work and family.


Love & Respect Person-Centred & Family Oriented Safe & Welcoming Professional & Trustworthy Collaborative & Positive

Baytree’s unique approach provides networks, opportunities and skills that empower women and girls. By supporting the women in our community, they improve economic and social inclusion for themselves and their families.

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Amara’s story

I grew up in Africa. Not able to go to school. I worked – helped my mum. I was only 17 when I married.
Me, my husband and my two children came to the UK because we dreamt of a future for our children, for them to get a good education. When I first came I couldn’t read and I couldn’t help my children with homework like English and maths. My third child was born in the UK but me and my first two go to BAYTREE to learn English together.

Since my friend brought me to BAYTREE, with the help of my mentor I am now able to read and write! I can read texts and emails.
I am very grateful for BAYTREE and my mentor. I am no longer scared of people and can ask for help if needed. My mentor helped me with my CV and I have a cleaning job now.

My plan is to keep studying and get my dream job in healthcare. Then I’d love to pass the Life in the UK test and get a UK citizenship.

Shay’s story

Shay is originally from Angola where she was living in a small village but was always striving for a brighter future. She came to the UK in 2017 and has been studying ESOL at BAYTREE since 2018, beginning with a Beginners’ class and working her way through the levels until completing Entry 3 in 2022. She took part in BAYTREE’s Digital Champions IT course in 2019 and in the BAYTREE Coaching programme in 2019- 20, which helped her to develop her confidence.

BAYTREE’s employment coach helped Shay to prepare her CV and coached her in interview skills. Shay was successful at interview and started her new role. She works across three central London restaurants and is enjoying being part of all three teams. Shay now has a significantly increased, steady income and is thinking about her long-term goals. Eventually, she would like to qualify as a hairdresser and have her own business in the UK.

Fatima’s Journey

Fatima started her journey from Afghanistan at the age of 9. She witnessed her mother dying after being shot and her father decided to leave their home for his daughter’s safety. Fatima has travelled by foot, train, boat and bus and this journey took 2 years to complete.

Fatima and her father were placed in a hotel in Crystal Palace, along with 500 other refugees. The Baytree Centre got in touch with the manager and together we extracted all the information of girls that would benefit from our Programme. As most of them were waiting for their paperwork to be processed, money and transport was a big issue. The Baytree Centre was able to fund their travel to and from Brixton. On 16th November, Fatima and 7 other students registered on the Into School Programme, where they would attend daily English and Maths classes from Monday to Wednesday.

Due to the uncertainty of living in a temporary accommodation, Fatima struggled to secure a place in a secondary school. She attended the Into School Programme for a term until she was told she was being sent to North Yorkshire. We kept in touch with her and she expressed her struggle to apply for schools and she was being refused helped, too. We therefore contacted her local council and supported her application process. She is now in school and her father has said she is thriving and they feel happy she is accessing education. We still keep in touch with her and she is always updating her ESOL teacher on her school reports.

Fatmia's Journey

Sparklers Club

supports girls in their final term of Year 6 and in year Year 7 with the transition from primary to secondary school; Tuesdays from 4:30 – 5:45 pm  

Junior Spark Club

for girls in years 8-9; Thursdays from 4:30 – 6:00 pm. 

Spark Club

for girls in years 10 and above; Wednesdays from 5:00 -7:00 pm.