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At Baytree we deliver a range of creative clubs for girls where they can explore different mediums, materials, artists, talents and most importantly discover self-expression in fun and unique ways!

On Wednesdays we have an art club for girls age 11+ and here we love to explore art through looking at different women and female artists. W use them as our inspiration to produce engaging and challenging pieces of work.

Earlier this year we entered the London Youth Arts Competition submitting a group collection of portraits that we made inspired by strong women chosen by the girls of Baytree. Making these artworks was an act of celebration and of championing female achievement. Taking influence from Shepherd Fairey’s campaign poster design of Barrack Obama, the first African-American president, we developed our own interpretation.Pictured are representations of the inspiring women chosen, we felt empowered by them. Using these inspirational women as our subject matter, we then applied the poster style and painted them using colours taken from flags of our own origin or heritage. The result is impactful and visually celebrates the multiculturalism of our city, as well as highlighting just some of the potential that women have.

We then went to the exhibition of the London Youth Arts competition hosted by WAC arts and saw an amazing breadth of talent produced by young people across London. From photography, to sculpture, to paintings, the event displayed a huge collection of young artists work which both inspired our Baytree girls and gave them the opportunity to mix with other young artists giving context to their own pieces.

We are thrilled to announce that we came first place in the competition for the 13-16yrs category and each girl was awarded with a beautiful certificate and a joint Hobby Craft voucher to buy supplies for our club.

We would love to say a huge thank-you to London Youth for facilitating and organising this amazing opportunity for young people to display their art and give them the opportunity to not only be recognised by others, but also recognise their own talents.


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