Baytree celebrates International Women’s Day 2018

The spirit of Womenkind was palpable today as we celebrated International Women’s Day at Baytree.

It began with a celebration of women’s achievements at the centre who achieved incredible milestones in their personal development, as certificates for reading, writing, and speaking were awarded along with a round of applause and celebratory cheers.

Making their debut as 2018’s new pop trio were Margaret, Christina and Loretana, whose unforgettable cover of ‘Soldier, Won’t You Marry Me’ featuring Baytree’s suavest Bear, was just one of the highlights of the day’s festivities. Dances hailing from Italy, Bangladesh, Ivory Coast, Algeria, and Scotland were performed by some of Baytree’s finest women and staff, urging us all to pick up our feet and take them to the dancefloor.

Lunch was, without a doubt, a cultural extravaganza with dishes from all around the globe, which were as colourful as they were yummy. A special shoutout to Rosa and Valentina who spent all morning cooking up a storm to serve us an extraordinary feast! Our bellies remain full and thankful.

The day ended on an inspiring high, though not before a surprise catwalk showcasing an array of stunning, richly-coloured traditional dress from all corners of the earth, rivalling that of London Fashion Week.

Speeches from some of the Baytree women left us feeling infinitely optimistic for the future, as they congratulated and celebrated the women at Baytree, and around the world who make such a long-lasting positive impact.

Many thanks to the Baytree women, staff, and volunteers who made today a huge success. We hope you continue to #pressforprogress in everything you do. You’re worth it.

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