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The Charles Plater Trust (Fatima Programme)

08.05.2024 Three times the success - The Baytree Centre's Fatima Programme smashes project targets and transforms the lives of 622 migrant girls and women.

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The Curiosity Programme (BBC Children in Need)

The survey data showed statistically significant increases in 6 areas: emotionally well; strong self- belief; essential skills; Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) type outcomes, such as problem solving skills and critical thinking; and positive relationships.

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Brixton Bugle: The Baytree Centre takeover (December '23)

In a society with many inequalities, gender, economic and educational privilege, more often than not, result in some of the most important voices and perspectives going unheard. What these young women have to say feels, to me, much more powerful than most of what is given a platform in mainstream media.

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Red:GLOW report

Over 100 female youth workers and over 3000 young women have been involved in the Red:GLOW project activities across Europe and their learning is reflected in this report. Quotes used in the text are from interviews and names have been changed to protect identities. This report builds on research undertaken by young women. To make this possible, they received support in building their skills in desk-based research and analysis, and interviewing, as well as insights into policy-making. The added value of the report are the insights, best practice, reflections and case studies.

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The Brixton Bugle

Refugee Week: Resilient is as resilient goes

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The Brixton Bugle

What makes Brixton so special: the power and conviction of its people

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The Brixton Bugle

Refugee Week: Celebrating Resilience, Diversity and Unity

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Girls to The Front! The Youth Centre Endowing its Members With Newfound Confidence

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The Brixton Bugle

Women tell shocking stories of the harsh reality of surviving as a woman in the city. Hear the experiences of gender columnist Emmie Harrison-West, Ukranian Refuge Elena Sophya Hryshchenko, the woman of Baytree and many others as they discuss everything from rogue landlords and council gatekeeping to being so fearful the only remaining option was to escape

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The Why Factor

Why scarcity can damage decision making. Listen to our Development Director Carmen Gonzalez explaining how our Social Mobility Coaching Programme supports women from 9:39 minutes.

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Ingenta Connect

Feeling confident to learn: creating education spaces where women feel welcome

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BBC London

BBC London news on the Into School programme at Baytree

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Emerging Findings

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