SAVE THE DATES: 30.11.21 – 07.12.21

Save the date: 30th November – 7th December
Help our women and girls shine bright in 2021.


As we cautiously come out of the pandemic we want to ensure women and girls in London have the confidence, academic and employability support and skills they need to make up for the effects of the disruption caused by COVID-19.

At Baytree, we continue to strive to give women and girls the education and skills to build a brighter future.

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Many low-income households have had to face the negative implications of the pandemic, which have affected their short-term education, health and social interactions. But the long-term effects on their education, skills development and economic stability are only just coming to light.

The impact of the pandemic has caused many of the families we support to face hardships including social-exclusion and mental health challenges.

Here at Baytree, we work with many families from different socio-economic backgrounds. We continue to work together to support them turn their aspirations into realities, by offering education and skills development programmes.

Refugee women and girls have many more challenges, as they have gone through extremely painful journeys to get here. This year, roughly 10,000 Afghans seeking asylum were expected to arrive in the UK after their country was taken over by the Taliban. In light of the refugee crisis, we have made great efforts to extend our reach and are currently supporting a number of girls living in temporary accommodation and seeking asylum in the UK to ensure they receive a smooth transition into the education system and a foothold in the community.

In order to continue to aid our women and girls in building better futures, we need your help and generous donations to ensure their stability and growth.


From Tuesday 30th November until Tuesday 7th December all your donations to Baytree will be DOUBLED.
This December, we are once again taking part in the Big Give’s Christmas match-funding campaign, supported by our champions The Childhood TrustThe Lancet and Friendship Adventure, a local micro brewery. The money raised will support our efforts in providing social, academic, employability and wellbeing support to the families at Baytree Centre.

Please set a reminder in your diaries and help us raise £20,000 in only one week!Thank you for your continued support!

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supports girls in their final term of Year 6 and in year Year 7 with the transition from primary to secondary school; Tuesdays from 4:30 – 5:45 pm  

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for girls in years 8-9; Thursdays from 4:30 – 6:00 pm. 

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