Volunteer Spotlight: Meet Maddie

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Baytree’s work cannot be done without the support of our amazing volunteers. We got to sit down with Maddie, who has volunteered at Baytree for over a year, to find out what she gets up to at the centre.

When did you start interning at Baytree? 

M: I started at Baytree in July of 2019, so for over a year now!

What were you doing before that?

M: I was working in the magazine industry as a fashion assistant but left to move into the third sector. I started working part-time as a personal stylist which gave me more time to volunteer and intern with companies that strive to create a better future.

What motivated you to start interning at Baytree? 

M: I was looking for something fulfilling. Promoting equality and empowering women and girls is really important to me, and that’s at the heart of what Baytree do. I also wanted to be part of my local community and to give my time to a worthy cause. 

What sort of things do you get up to as a Comms and Fundraising Intern?

M: Day to day I curate and schedule the social media posts that you’ll see on your feeds and I create the graphics too. On Tuesday evenings I have the privilege to co-lead the inspiring girls at Junior Spark. 

What do you enjoy most about working at Baytree? 

M: The people are amazing, and being a part of a force for good gives me the opportunity to be creative with something that I believe in. I also love the girls I work with on Tuesdays. They are brilliant and always inspire me. I think they’ve taught me more than I have them.

What inspires you in your role?

M: I feel empowered by the girls I work with and the women in the office. They make me hopeful and excited for the future. Baytree has given me invaluable experience in the third sector but it’s the moments with the girls that are truly incredible. There’s no one moment that takes the cake because there’s so much to be inspired by every day.

Thank you for spending some time with us, Maddie! We’ve loved having you at Baytree.

M: Thank you!

If you’re interested in volunteering / interning with our Comms and Fundraising team, please get in touch. More information can be found here.

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