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How do I enrol my child to Baytree Centre

To participate at The Baytree Centre all girls must be enrolled, (even if they have siblings that have attended before them. Every child must be individually enrolled). Enrolment to The Baytree Centre is NOT the same thing as registering for club activities. To enrol a child to Baytree, complete an enrolment form on our website here.


How do I register for a club /activity

Registration for termly clubs opens at the end of each term for the following term. You will need to be an enrolled member of Baytree to be able to register for activities. If you register for a club without being enrolled, you will not be able to secure a place in your chosen activity. Registration for clubs and activities can be done on our website here.

Why didn’t my child get the club she wanted?

We do our best to ensure that every child receives their first-choice club selection but that is not always possible. We have over 100 girls enrolled at The Baytree Centre and some of our most popular clubs have waiting lists. We prioritise girls that have never participated in the most popular clubs to ensure everyone has at least one term of participating before being placed on a rotating waiting list. Once a spot becomes available people on the waiting list are contacted to take up the spot. We want every girl to engage in activities that they enjoy which is why even if you do not get your first choice, we make sure there are still plenty of brilliant opportunities to get involved in.

How do I change clubs?

You can change your selected clubs during the first week of the term, however, after this period no further changes can be made. Please be mindful of this when selecting your club choices and promptly let us know if you need to make changes. To make any changes please contact our Youth Programme Lead, Valeria, via WhatsApp message (+4474 9467 9982) specifying the club your daughter no longer wants to attend, and the one she would like to go to. Please keep in mind that the change will be made ONLY if there is space in the club, if not, she can be added to the waiting list, and you will be notified of this.

How long does my daughter have to be on the waiting list before she gets a space in that club?

It varies a lot. When we have spaces available into a club, we prioritise the girls that only have 1 activity they can attend, and then we consider several facts, like if the day and time are the only ones suitable for the carer to drop the girl, if they have sisters doing activities the same day and time, girls who have been in the waiting list for a longer time, etc.

Do I have to pay for any of the activities?

Enrolment to The Baytree Centre is 5 pounds per girl or 10 pounds per family for the whole term. This includes 2 clubs (if we have spaces available) plus Reading (for Year 1-3). It also includes trips and events for the whole term.

What support do you have for children with SEN (special educational needs)?

Our clubs our predominantly volunteer led and though we provide support and encourage the use of scaffolding and differentiation methods for different learning abilities and needs, we are not a Centre that specializes in offering catered care for children with special educational needs. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any further questions.

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Sparklers Club

supports girls in their final term of Year 6 and in year Year 7 with the transition from primary to secondary school; Tuesdays from 4:30 – 5:45 pm  

Junior Spark Club

for girls in years 8-9; Thursdays from 4:30 – 6:00 pm. 

Spark Club

for girls in years 10 and above; Wednesdays from 5:00 -7:00 pm.